In your Region,

The beginning of every single EYPEr's journey: the Regional Selection Conferences of EYP España. School delegations made up of six delegates aged 16 to 17 years old will debate an array of topics, ranging from euroscepticism to the struggle for LGBT rights to the future of the digital market and more issues related to our continent. Thirty participating schools in the fourteen regional sessions will be chosen by the jury to travel and participate in the National Session.

in your Country,

The final ticket to Europe. Once selected in your regional, you will begin to live the unique experience of EYP. Five days of dreaming big, debating, proposing, making friendships that last for a lifetime and above all, enjoying what you're experiencing. The schools selected by the jury of the National Selection Conference will represent Spain at International Sessions and Forums of the EYP network.

and in all over Europe.

Be part of the change. The European Youth Parliament, based in Berlin, calls its forty national committees, annually, to attend three international sessions lasting approximately ten days. Each national committee's delegation is divided into different committees inspired by the committees of the European Parliament, The final resolutions, the product of fourteen working days, are legislative references of the European citizenship that are sent to the European Parliament.



The European Youth Parliament España network is not made up of only its more than 250 active members. Year after year, more than 130 public and private Spanish schools count on our philosophy and attend the regional sessions. It should also be highlighted the help and immeasurable support from public administrations of regional and national nature, foundations and companies. Internationally we are known as 'La Familia' because of our closeness, character, enthusiasm and ambition. A family of young people, education centers, institutions, companies and media organisations that since 2006 have been heading towards a Europe built by and for young people.
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The European Youth Parliament is an apolitical and non-partisan organisation with an educational spirit aimed at the needs of European youth. The EYP encourages young people to have critical and independent thinking mindsets and facilitates the learning of social and political skills, crucial in their future.

Since 1987, dozens of thousands of enthusiastic young people have participated in regional, national and international sessions, and have made friendships across Europe and contacts that cross borders.

Furthermore, the EYP has contributed to the development of the European unity and identity. Today, it is one of the largest platforms in terms of political debate, international meetings, learning and exchange of ideas among young people. It is formed by a network of 40 European associations and organisations resulting in thousands of young participants actively volunteering. The organisation carries around 200 events every year. It is a program carried out by the Schwarzkopf Foundation.

Thorbjörn Fälldin is currently the main member of the EYP Comité d'Honneur formed by the former President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz; the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker and the High, representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini





Do you want to be part of EYP España?

If you are 18 years old or older, and you are interested in joining the organisation, contact us at the following email: We will contact you soon!

Registered Office

Avenida al Vedat, 55, puerta 6

46900 Torrente (Valencia)

Phone: (+34) 616 053 603

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The Schwarzkopf Foundation is the international umbrella organisation of the European Youth Parliament. EYP España is a National Committee in the EYP network.

European Youth Parliament España is a non-profit organization registered in Spain with the number 590137 and regulated by the Spanish Organic Law 1/1982.

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